Quotes from Billy Graham

The following are a collection of quotes, from over the years, by Billy Graham on Cliff Barrows

And what could I say about Cliff? My name and Cliff’s need to have a hyphen between us because he has been so loyal and faithful to run our meetings for nearly 60 years; we have been a team that I believe the Lord has used.
—April 23, 2005, BGEA Dedication Service, Charlotte, N.C.

Cliff Barrows is as strong now as he was when he was living in California as a son of a farmer out there. He’s been my right hand person on the platform and handling matters of music and things like that.
—August 22, 1996, Press conference, Montreat, N.C.

Cliff Barrows is a devotional man and he a great sermonizer—some of the better sermons I had in the earlier days Cliff gave me. And he’s a man of prayer; in fact, he and I talk on the phone during a Crusade every day and we hardly ever hang up but what we have prayer together on the phone. Cliff is a great personal blessing to me and inspiration to me.
—June 19, 1993, Interview for North American Conference for Itinerant Evangelists

Cliff Barrows has led more people in singing than any other man in the world today.
—June 22, 1992, Press conference, Philadelphia, Pa.

Cliff Barrows especially has been my right arm all these years.”
—November 15, 1988, U.S. News & World Report interview

There is excellent singing under the direction of Cliff Barrows, some of the best religious music that you’ll ever hear.
—July 29, 1988, Press conference, Greater Buffalo-Niagara Billy Graham Crusade