Donna Johnson

My father was saved reading the Bible while my mother was being treated for spinal meningitis when pregnant with me. After he trusted Christ as his personal Lord and Savior, he never failed to watch a Billy Graham Crusade. On one particular occasion, while afflicted with a serious illness, of which he later fully recovered, my father was watching Cliff Barrows direct the Billy Graham Crusade choir as they sang, “Oh, love that wilt not let me go.” My dad began to softly cry and thank God for the lessons God was teaching him through the hardships he endured in his illness. It was a turning point in his longterm illness, and from that point forward he steadily improved, and by the year’s end, had fully recovered. The memory and experience of God’s unconditional, all-pervasive love that emanated from this special song sang by the choirs that Cliff Barrows directed leaves an indelible memory, and his love and service to Christ is truly a legacy for all Christians to aspire to emulate.
Donna Johnson